Biological Dentistry

Your dentist is considered your primary care provider for your healthiest smile. General dentistry is focused on the prevention and treatment of a variety of dental problems, including cavities and gum disease. Holistic dentistry understands that dental care affects the health of the entire body. We are proud to offer Edmonton patients excellent dental care that seeks to promote whole-body health.

More and more, people are seeking to learn more about integrative medical and dental treatments as a way to gain control over their health. We are proud to offer the knowledge and services that will help patients reach their health and smile goals. It is our practice to empower our patients with information and bio compatible care. We do not harm their health by “restoring” teeth with harmful substances such as dental amalgam. In our holistic approach, we look for the cause of dental problems so that their effect is stopped quickly, while general health is guarded.
Recognizing the direct connection between the mouth and the body, our team performs our various dental services with great attention to detail. Our office is equipped with specialized equipment designed with the well-being of the dental patient in mind. We have traded conventional x-rays in favour of digital imaging that reduces radiation exposure by more than 90 percent. We avoid the use of mercury but also avoids fluoride and other toxic substances regularly used in conventional dentistry.

Some of the other advantages of biological dentistry include:

  • Electronic pulp testing
  • The use of loupes
  • Ozone treatment
  • Fiber-optic, hand-held devices
  • Safe removal of amalgam fillings using the IAOMT protocol
  • Serum bio compatibility testing

Our patients come from as far as Los Angeles and Joshua Tree because they trust our uniquely supportive holistic dental care. We listen to the dental concerns that you are facing, and work to find the most suitable solutions based on your unique chemistry. Together, we’ll achieve your healthiest, most beautiful, confident smile.