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You’ve had a general dentist for years, and you’re happy with the results. Now that you have a young family, however, trips to the dentist are not as easy as they once were. Dealing with the stress of taking your children for their dental visits on top of your own has become a dreaded chore, even without any procedures involved. Family dentistry evolved out of a need to provide families with oral health support in a way that speaks directly to the whole needs of the family. Here are just some of the reasons that we think you and your family could benefit from a family dentist.

Family Dentistry

If a member of your family has had negative experiences with dentists in the past, their anxiety may be ramped up at the thought of seeing a dentist – let alone laying back in the chair. And while you might feel compassion and empathy for their distress, the reality is that your stress level is also sky high as you try to get your child to the dentist’s office. For many families, this scenario occurs on repeat every time someone in the household has an appointment and rather than persist – they put it off. We understand – you’re trying to run a household and the demands are significant without any additional stress in the mix.

Our family dental clinic offers busy families the option to schedule group appointments for preventative maintenance appointments. These appointments schedule each member of the family to be seen on the same day, so that your family only needs to accommodate one day of scheduling – rather than as many days as you have family members. This allows families to plan for their dental health in a reliable and convenient manner that ensures that each member of the family is seen for their routine appointment regularly. Seeing your dentist regularly is an important part of your oral health routine. The benefits of regular checkups and cleanings allow health challenges to be identified and addressed early in their presentation so that you maintain the healthiest teeth and mouth possible.

Why Choose a Family Focused Dentist?

Family dentists believe in making appointments, and dental experiences overall, as positive as possible. That’s why we believe in starting children at the dentist early in their years. Starting early is a great way to start exposing your children to a dental clinic, whether it’s for themselves or to watch Mom or Dad have their cleaning done. By offering calm, positive experiences early in a child’s development, they are more likely to look forward to the dentist.

Family dentists have a client base who are of all age demographics, but we go the extra mile in making the clinical environment more kid friendly. Books, movies colouring pages and even tablets are commonly found in a family dental clinic, including colourful décor that makes their little patients feel right at home – and who doesn’t like an oral health gift of a toothbrush or some sugar free gum on their way out?

Family dentists see many children on a daily basis, and they have been for years. That means that they’ve got a trick or two up their sleeves. Their obvious ease with children and flexible approach ensure that children have the time they need to ask questions, look around and get curious about what it is we do at a dentist’s office! This is part of great oral health training for your young family members. We want your child to feel happy to see our dental staff, so our staff goes out of their way to show patience with children, offer extended appointments and clinic tours and generally make an effort to meet the unique comfort needs of each unique child we see. We actively listen to children and their parents, show a positive attitude and prioritize the need for your child to feel safe and in control. Often, only one visit is required before your child looks forward to a visit to the dentist and their chance to show off how well they have been caring for their teeth!

Children with sensory processing challenges are accommodated with longer appointments, patience and even coaching for parents who are looking for ways to assist their child in preparing for the dentist. Our goal is to reduce the strain on families and to partner with you for the long-term. While visits to pediatric dentists offer excellent care, they are limited to offering services until their patients reach the age of majority. Family dentists take a partnership approach to their relationship with your family and make a priority of earning your trust so that they can continue to serve their clients into adulthood and beyond. Your family dentist doesn’t just want to be your dentist – we want to be part of the care team of professionals you trust with your family’s health and wellness.

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Once your dentist has had a look at the surface and the inner structures of your oral cavity, any findings will be discussed including any recommended procedures. Once your questions have been answered, it’s on to professional cleaning with a dental hygienist.

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