General Dental Care

Our dental family is committed to providing your family with positive dental experiences. With a convenient location and flexible office hours, we strive to make your visits simple and productive, and always stress-free.

Some of the advantages to obtaining care at Natural Dental Arts include:

  • General dental exams
  • Emergency / problem-focused exams
  • Biological dentistry using only bio compatible materials
  • Composite resin, mercury-free dental fillings
  • We do not use fluoride
  • Digital x-ray imaging reduces exposure to radiation by up to 95 percent
  • Laser gum surgery
  • Oral surgery, tooth extraction
  • Recommendations of herbal remedies for sensitivity

You deserve to enjoy your healthiest, most attractive smile. Achieving your smile goals, however, should not cost you your health. We use the most suitable materials for each patient based on his or her precise needs. Our techniques contribute to your good health.