Dentist south Edmonton

Why is it important to have a family dentist?

It’s easy to ignore your own dental needs if you don’t have an ongoing condition that requires management, or you aren’t feeling any discomfort. Like going to the doctor, some people think that they are managing their oral health by coming in to see their Edmonton Dentist when they have an emergency or pain. But the truth is, that’s taking a reactive approach to your oral health. As a dentist, I know that any dentist near me or beyond recommends a proactive approach to oral care.

Oral Health – A Preventative approach

When you have a family dentist, you don’t get any benefit if you don’t see them regularly. As well as treating your concerns, like cavities and dental infections, your dentist wants to be able to see your oral health regularly to catch any symptom-free concerns like cysts. 

Staying away from the dentist for too long is bound to result in concerns – whether it’s gum recession, staining, or gingivitis. You are likely to build tartar around your teeth that can harm your gums and only a professional dental clinic can remove it. Instead, seeing your South Side Edmonton dentist every six months tends to keep appointments short because there are fewer concerns to be addressed. Your dentist will keep note on potential concerns and monitor how/if they are progressing.

Dental X-rays are done digitally now, offering a fraction of the X-ray exposure of legacy machines. With 3-D imaging, your dentist is able to document the full overview of your teeth, gum, and bone health.

Make Getting to the Dentist Convenient

Among the complaints patients lean on is that attending the dentist takes too much time. Above, we discussed that preventative maintenance appointments are brief when procedures are not required. Still, if seeing your family dentist in south Edmonton is inconvenient, we recommend finding a new dentist near your home or work that will be easier for you to accommodate. At MacEwan Dental, we are conveniently located near several major bus stations. If you ride the bus, choose a clinic that is easy to get to.

If you are looking for a dentist in a particular area of the city, the best place to start is with a web search of keywords like “dentist South Edmonton” and “South Side Dentist Edmonton”.

If your schedule does not allow you to attend appointments during regular business hours, find a family dentist that offers early, late or weekend appointments as needed. Saturdays tend to book up quickly, so we recommend booking in advance. In fact, we recommend that all our clients book their next checkup before leaving our clinic. This way, it will show in your calendar far in advance and you will be able to schedule your life around it. Even if you need to change the appointment date or time, you’ll have the heads up.

Family Dentists Do It All

Perhaps the greatest benefit of seeing a family dentist in Edmonton is that you benefit from their vast array of knowledge throughout your life. As you age, your needs will change, and your family dentist will be able to offer quality care throughout the various stages of your life.

Whether you need wisdom teeth removal in Edmonton or you need an emergency dentist in Edmonton, family clinics can all meet your needs. Your Edmonton dentist will be able to help (unless you are looking for biological dentistry which must be sought at specific clinics).

Staying Well Between Visits

Your Edmonton Dentist wants you to keep your teeth healthy between visits because this is where the real prevention happens. When you brush and floss your teeth twice daily, plaque bacteria are unable to feast on the sugars from your last meal. Plaque will then miss an opportunity to attack your enamel with its acidic waste, and food debris is removed before it begins to degrade and cause cavities. If you suffer from gum disease or other complications, your dentist may recommend a more rigorous hygiene plan, or they might suggest a medicated rinse.

We encourage all of our clients to use quality cleaning tools whenever possible. Cleaning tools like dental pics and electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual tools and decreases the likelihood of you brushing too hard.

Finally, it’s important to keep a healthy diet while you are between dental visits. Reduce the number of sugary candies and breads you eat and increase the protein and veggie content on your plate. Not only will you feel better, but your teeth will be healthier because they aren’t constantly being exposed to acid attack. 

If you drink alcohol, sugary drinks, or coffee, you’ll need to avoid these if you don’t want to stain your teeth – or drink them with a straw. As always, however, water is your best choice.